About the Author

Tammy (Jackson) Treichel was raised as an ARMY brat. She moved often, leaving friends and memories behind everywhere she went. Relocating became the norm and staying in one place too long gave her a restless spirit.

Eventually she found her way to Minnesota, which felt the most like home… in the summer anyways. She fell in love with a wonderful man and decided to stay. Unable to move from place to place, vacations and traveling became the only means of feeding the wanderlust in her soul.

Tammy makes her own line of healing products, she is a psychic/medical intuitive, she is a licensed minister, a certified life coach, and a certified storm spotter. She is an avid gardener and grows many of the herbs used in making her products, as well as growing vegetables and fruits for canning and feeding her family.

Tammy currently lives on a farm in Minnesota with her husband, children, dog, cat, and lots and lots of flowers.