Charlottesville, VA and Virginia Beach

Oh, how I love Virginia! I spent several years of my childhood there, and I go back to visit as often as I can.

This trip was a grand adventure for sure! A childhood friend and I decided that we would drive up to Charlottesville to attend the Stevie Nicks concert (my 1st time seeing her).  I love a good road trip, and this trip did not disappoint.


We checked into our hotel (Which incidentally, is the same hotel Stevie stayed at- we didn’t find that out until she had already checked out- boo. 😦 … ), and set off to explore.


Right outside the hotel door is this awesome collection of shops and restaurants. Everything you could want or need is right here on this little street. Banks, pharmacies, furniture, food, they have it all.


We decided to stop in for a beverage at the Fitzroy before we left for the concert.   This kitchen and bar has a wonderful selection of drinks and intuitive bartenders to make you a drink based on your tastes. Definitely worth checking out.


Out of respect for Stevie, I won’t post her picture here (since I don’t have permission), but let me just say- that was an EPIC concert! She sang songs that had never been released before or performed in concert. We really picked the best possible concert to attend.


If you have read any of my blogs, you know that I have major food allergies. When I find a place that caters to those with allergies, I have to sing their praises! I’m not talking about using a lettuce leaf instead of bread or ‘You can always eat a salad’… I’m talking about serious steps taken to ensure the purity of the food served to those of us who suffer from these (very annoying for us as well) allergies. We found such a place in Charlottesville, VA… enter RAPTURE!


It’s also a nightclub, though we didn’t get to experience that part of it. Our food was delicious, our server an Aussie Beauty with plenty of charm, and our experience was a step above other places I have eaten. Definitely go there if you get a chance.


Back in Virginia Beach, we were lucky enough to score a pass into the members only cigar bar on top of Twist Martini and Associates Restaurant and Bar  I have never been to a cigar bar and wanted to check it out even though I don’t smoke cigars.


Very cool experience. The bartender was very sweet and accommodating (we had her running up and down the stairs trying to accommodate our food and drink needs- poor girl). In my experience, this cigar bar has a masculine, seductive air that calls to you and invites you to sit in the leather chairs and relax in a way that is not at home, yet feels comforting none-the-less.


It was an experience I didn’t even know I wanted to have, but I am thrilled to be able to experience it.


You can’t got to Virginia Beach without visiting the beach (at least I can’t)… so off we went to the Strip to dip our toes in the water and sit in the sand. The water is frigidly cold this time of year, so I elected to not go swimming.


I am a lover of the ocean. I find peace at the beach. I feel cleansed just sitting next to it.


Gorgeous, right?


Did you know that it is illegal to swear in public in Virginia Beach?


One of the places I always visit every time I’m in Virginia Beach is Buoy 44 on Chic’s Beach. They have amazing drinks, great seafood, and a view I can’t get enough of. If you go there, try the steamed crab legs and steamed shrimp. You won’t be disappointed. I also recommend the Grapefruit Crush- it’s delicious. 🙂


This is the view from the patio.

The hardest part of traveling for me is always having to leave. I love having adventures and new experiences. That being said, one of the greatest parts of traveling is going home. I love missing my family- it helps us appreciate each other more.



Until next time… go have an adventure of your own! 🙂


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