Viva Las Vegas!

While I actually lived in Las Vegas many years ago, this visit was my first time as a tourist.


For the visit half of our journey we stayed at The Venetian.


Wow! What an amazing suite! Very impressive.



We will definitely be back. The Venetian is connected to The Palazzo. Between these two hotels, there are so many stores, restaurants, clubs, and beautiful features that in our 2 days there, we still didn’t see all there was to see. You wouldn’t have to go outside for days if you didn’t want to. This beautiful feature is in The Palazzo.


Impressive, Right? Do you know what is even more impressive? The food! I am a lover of fine wine and fine dining… there were plenty of restaurants to choose from. One of my favorite food experiences in Vegas was at Aquaknox.  I chose the Seafood Trio and a glass of Cabernet (Don’t tell me I need to drink white wine with seafood- I like my reds 😉 ).

AquaKnox plate.jpg

Let me tell you- the lobster had an orange cream sauce and caviar on top and is probably about the best thing I have eaten in my entire life! I talked about it for DAYS! If you go there, please try it. YUM!!!


We did actually venture outside to see the sights. One of the hotels that I really enjoyed was Wynn Las Vegas. I love flowers, and the atrium of this place was amazing. One of the greatest displays was the carousel made of flowers.


And also this lovely path full of lights and flowers.


Outside, they also had a water feature that is worth mentioning.


We also found this heart on the sidewalk, which serves as a reminder that there is love all around us.


The second half of our stay was at The Stratosphere Hotel.


One of the best parts of the Stratosphere is the restaurant at the top. It’s aptly named The Top of the World. . The restaurant revolves while you dine offering a 360 degree view. The food is AMAZING. Just so you’re aware, the average cost of a meal is around $100.00 a person. Still worth it. And this is the view:


We also wandered down to Fremont Street to have the Fremont Street Experience.


Light shows on the ceiling, zip lining, Elvis spotting, gambling, drinking amazing cocktails, and very interesting people watching. WOW. I really enjoyed Fremont Street.


Next time we will spend more time there. All in all, we were there for four days. If I ever get back to Vegas, I will try to take in the Hoover Dam and maybe a helicopter ride. It was a great experience! Now go do stuff. Live your bucket list! 🙂


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