Cape Ann and Gloucester, MA Area

Growing up, I lived in New England for many years. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized I had missed the opportunity to visit so many places while I was there. When I returned for my high school reunion, I took the opportunity to take in a few sights I had missed out on.

I had a few days until my reunion, so I enlisted one of my friends and we set out on an adventure.


We set up our base camp at the Cape Ann Campground in Gloucester, MA.  The people at this campground were so kind and accommodating, offering up information on sights to see, discounts available to us as guests of the campground, and even let us borrow the tablecloth for our campsite. I would definitely recommend this campground to anyone wanting to stay in the area during the summer.

We set out to investigate Dogtown Commons, which is an ‘abandoned town’ from the 1600’s. The place was abandoned in the 1800’s.


I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t this. Miles and miles of trails. Some rocks with inspiring words, some remnants of stone foundations hidden in the tress, but mostly just trails. Yes, I was disappointed. I am a lover of the paranormal and I was expecting to investigate a haunted town. Instead I encountered a couple of shady characters roaming the woods and one cycler who implied that I was a difficult woman to please. (Well, actually he said it out loud, Hehehe).

We did come across some beautiful photo opportunities on our way back to the campsite to clean up for dinner.



Wow! Was this place cool! I can’t even remember where in Gloucester this was. It was on the ride back to the campground and I just had to stop and take pictures.

After cleaning up from a hot day of hiking in the woods, we hit the town.


Did you know that the Gorton’s fish (You know, those fried fish sticks people feed their kids?) factory is in Gloucester? Neat, huh?


I love boats. These were just a couple of them. These boats were docked at Rose’s Wharf.


While we didn’t go on any whale watches, I did spot a whale….


Giggle… get it? 😉


Downtown Gloucester, Day 2. We stopped in this lovely establishment for some lunch. I had a chicken salad and sweet potato fries. Delicious! Small place, mostly locals. While I was there I considered signing up for a local society…


I decided against it… I don’t think they would want me taking over as their leader right out of the gate. 😉


This little dude (Okay, he was huge) was so cool, you would have thought he was a peacock for all the strutting around he did. He wouldn’t even move for the cars or people walking. I liked his Moxie, so he made the blog. I named him Sam.


Up next we had to stop into The Crows Nest and have a drink to the crew of the Andrea Gail. If you’re not familiar with the story, they made a movie about it from the book ‘The Perfect Storm’ by Sebastian Junger. The people were very friendly and patient with this tourist asking questions.

One of my favorite stops that we visited was The Hammond Castle.


Wow! This place is absolutely gorgeous!

If you get the chance to check it out, you will not be disappointed.


We decided to take the candlelight tour.

Whenever you decide to tour the Castle Museum, you won’t be disappointed.


We found the statue! Gorton’s may use an image of this statue, but it actually a memorial for all the men and women who have lost their lives at sea.

Onto Rockport…


If there is one place you should see in Rockport, it is Motif Number 1. This building has been on so many calendars and jigsaw puzzles, you just have to say you’ve been there. 🙂


Bearskin Neck is a wonderful art colony with great stores, restaurants, gifts and more. I caught this image through someone’s doorway.


And while I won’t share pictures of my friends and colleagues from my reunion and events… I will share a cute little discovery I made while in Massachusetts… these little BuzzBallz are all the rage there… and they are TASTY! Until next time… go out and have an adventure!



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